Would you like to get better aquainted with our bikini bottoms? You are in the perfect place!

Our "OG" bikini bottom! This bottom features three straps on the sides, which make this bottom stay put! It is by far our sportiest bottom and will hold up to any activity you throw at it! It pairs perfectly with RAGLAN our sporty bikini top! Did we mention MAUI is reversible?!

Similar to MAUI in that it's reversible! Adelaide features single tie straps on the sides making it easy to customize the fit to your body.

Our "OG" highwaisted bikini bottom. We've made some changes to Bali over the years, but the overall look remains the same. Bali was originally designed to be quite cheeky! But you can opt for more coverage if you prefer. Bali is reversible and perfect for you to chase your kids around the beach!

A newer sporty style! BRISBANE rises up a little higher in the front and hugs your hips! This is the perfect bottom for doing SUP, beach volleyball and yoga! We love seeing it paired with KELOWNA!

Our newer highwaisted bottom! There really isn't anything more comfy than CANCUN! You can wear it during sporty activities or paired with our stylish wrap front top HAVANA. It really does go with everything!

A new favourite! TULUM features a waist band that is separate from the main portion. Allowing you to mix things up and choose different fabrics! This bottom is the perfect mix of sporty and style! Perfect for snorkelling or swimming and pairs nicely with both BELIZE & KENORA.

Very similar to ADELAIDE, but not reversible. Originally designed with adjustable sliding straps. We have simplified DUNEDIN to now have tie straps! We think it offers a better fit! Looks great with BELIZE, MADRID & BERMUDA!

Our newest highwaisted bottom! So new, we haven't done proper photos for it yet! You can choose between PANANA or COLOUR BLOCK PANAMA. This bottom is comfy & stylish! Originally designed to pair with KENORA, but looks great with HAVANA also!


Not sure which top will work for you? Get better acquainted with them below!

Our "OG" triangle bikini. To us, there's nothing worse than your bikini giving you a headache! So we made MADRID with cross back straps that tie at the back! Problem solved! We think it helps it stay put a little better too! Pair it with DUNEDIN or ADELAIDE!

I swore I wouldn't make a bikini that tied around your neck. But I had some requests, so BERMUDA was born! Pretty much your traditional triangle bikini top. Bermuda has smaller cups compared to MADRID, so if you are concerned about coverage I'd recommend sizing up! Looks great with ADELAIDE & DUNEDIN.

Our very 1st bikini top we ever designed! And it is still be all time favourite! The straps allow you to really fit it to your body and keep it in place! This is the ultimate sporty top and the one I often wear as a bralette because it is that comfortable! Pairs perfectly with MAUI & BRISBANE!

Our newer top! I wanted a romantic, whimsical top! Belize fit the bill! It features a scrunch in the front. The straps can either be worn straight down or crisscrossed in the back. Originally designed to pair with TULUM!

Our version of a wrap front top! HAVANA is reversible! You can tie it as tight as you want in the front, which makes it one of our most supportive tops! We have tweaked the pattern, extending the ties making it easier to tie! Originally designed to pair with BALI, but looks awesome with all of our highwaisted bottoms!

A shopstopper that's forsure! All business and modest in the front, with a braid down the back! Kelowna offers the most coverage of all our tops. You can do anything in Kelowna and it will stay put! Perfect for those beach days with the kiddos! Originally designed to pair with BRISBANE!

Our newest addition! KENORA is simply elegant. Our first top to have a straight across neckline and originally designed with the around the neck strap to loop around the back tie strap, keeping the pressure off your neck! Originally designed to pair with PANAMA, but would look great with BALI & CANCUN too!


One piece swimsuits are HARD! We are working on a new design I hope to launch very soon! But for now get to know AZORES!

Our first one piece! Azores offers enough coverage to make you feel comfortable, while also offering a little side boob sneak peak for that added sex appeal! When ordering your custom AZORES it is important to let us know your torso measurement! You can find instructions on how to measure this here!

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