Why choose Beachwood Apparel?

Posted on May 16 2019

Beachwood apparel is a swimwear brand dreamed up and created in small town Ontario, Canada. I wanted to create beautiful swimwear that most importantly fits, but also stands out from big name brands. I want to give you a top notch product made from specialty fabric imported from the USA. You won't find these prints in your local fabric shop, we source our prints from a fabric printer, who hosts indie artists. These artists create beautiful one off designs! 

Beachwood is owned and operated by...me! This gives me the opportunity to keep quantities small. Which means the likelihood of running into someone on the beach wearing the same suit as you is pretty unlikely! I keep my fabric orders small and will be restocking this online store only while quantities last! If you see a print or a colour that you like, I can't guarantee how long it will be available. 

I LOVE to support Canadian businesses. I source my solid colour fabric from various Canadian shops and source sewing supplies from as many Canadian suppliers as possible! I would love to partner up with some Canadian businesses to put together a giveaway. If you are interested please send me an email at info@beachwoodapparel.ca

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about Beachwood Apparel!



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